Channel Partners

LG Electronics



To develop and implement a customer relationship management programme to improve the quality, relevance and timeliness of communications between LG and their channel resellers in the UK as a trial for the global roll-out of a new partner programme.

LG themselves had developed a channel partner portal in Korea to be rolled out globally with the expectation that technical, sales, marketing and financial content could all contained in one place for the benefit of resellers that buy and sell LG products into the corporate and SME space.

Our task was made harder by the fact that LG’s competitors such as Samsung, Dell and HP had well established channel partner programmes which had been running for several years.


Resellers are more likely to specify and sell LG products if we give them ‘ready-made’ benefits to take to their customers. The pace of product development and the fierce competition in the IT sector can cause resellers to be overwhelmed with information.


Through an extensive eCRM program, we enlisted subscribers to the portal with the promise of marketing, sales and financial assistance.

We built relationships through email, online banners, customisable marketing campaigns, and microsites, including a regular newsletter, incentive promotions and product launches, all with the aim of driving membership for the portal and disseminating information about LG’s products which might enable them to sell more.

And we kept everything streamlined, simple and benefit-driven, resisting the urge to communicate product and technical details which had previously been the norm.


Over 5,000 resellers signed up to the programme in the first 12 months, well ahead of the objectives that had been set. Having completed the successful trial in the UK and two other countries, the programme is now being rolled out globally.

The second phase is due to launch at the end of 2012 and will introduce a rebate system and the redistribution of marketing funds based on sales performance.

“Agency Inc have been integral to our CRM strategy.”

Louise Hunter
Business Relationship Manager
LG Electronics