Da Vinci

Ascot Racecourse



To redesign and rewrite Ascot’s suite of brochures and supporting materials.


We recognised an opportunity to develop communications which could only come from Ascot: to build excitement and anticipation, and of course, referrals and revenue amongst customers and interested prospects.


We asked for permission to use the Queens’ private collection of Leonardo Da Vinci sketches to adorn brochures, calendars, maps, signage, lanyards and ticket wallets. And we turned overfilled envelopes of hospitality badges into beautiful box sets, with any empty spaces used to cross-sell other race days and Ascot events.

Each piece at every touch point became a separate work of art designed to reinforce the audience’s expectations of Ascot, drawing them closer to the brand and turning them from customers into loyal advocates who may also be encouraged to introduce their friends and peers to the Ascot experience.


As the first phase in the CRM programme, bringing consistency and ‘specialness’ to each piece of communication helped reverse the decline in repeat bookings Ascot had been suffering from after 2006. Hospitality and attendance figures rose in 2007, and continued to increase in each subsequent year despite overall industry figures falling.

“One of the beauties of Agency Inc is that they really understand the brand of Ascot Racecourse.”

John Blake
Head of Sales and Marketing
Ascot Racecourse