Do Your Job




Sitel, one of the world’s leading providers of telephone and online outsourcing solutions, turned to us to help open the doors to sales appointments with senior directors at large retailers.


Retailers frequently get caught up in processes that are peripheral to their main business and objectives. Outsourcing business processes allows retailers to focus on their core business.


We devised a highly personalised direct approach to remind our targets to do what they do best, rather than everything else.

To start the process, each recipient received a box of five badges printed with their own names and a series of peripheral job titles from Debt Collector to Customer Care Advisor, with only one badge referring to them as a Retailer.

The clear message was ‘Leave all the other business to us and you can get back to what you do best.’

This was followed by a second phase of bespoke emails, supported with outbound calls from Sitel.


The direct campaign facilitated more than 20 sales appointments, and initial conversions to sale presented a 12:1 ROI in 2010.

“Excellent job. We were really impressed with the creativity.”

Joe Doyle
Vice President, Global Marketing