Enjoy Doing Everything

Bedford School



To develop a compelling new proposition and creative campaign for this well known public school, to encourage more prospective parents to visit, and to maintain intake numbers at prep school level and at the entry point to the senior school.

Bedford School is well known and recognised for its sporting excellence and facilities, but prospective parents are less familiar with the school’s considerable strengths and achievements in music, the arts and academic subjects.


A Bedford Schoolboy has the opportunity to enjoy doing everything, not just sport.


To address this perceptual barrier we produced a series of eye-catching press adverts, posters, digital banners and films to show a series of visual juxtapositions between some of the main sports played at the school and a variety of musical, cultural and academic pursuits – all happening at the same time.

Therefore, a schoolboy cricketer wielding a cello rather than a cricket bat, a rugby player reading a history book whilst his team mates wait for him to take a penalty kick, a golfer creating a Jackson Pollock style painting by swinging oversized paint brushes at the canvas, and a team of boys in class suddenly pulling on twin sets of oars and practising their rowing strokes at the teachers’ behest, all of which were created and filmed at the school.

The boys themselves were the stars of each film, appearing as the main characters and the supporting players. Another group of year 8 boys from the prep school, all aged 12, shot a ‘behind the scenes’ film, taking it upon themselves to interview the ‘actors’ and ask questions of the film crew and the advertising agency representatives.

The videos were posted on the school’s website and YouTube channel, as well as their Facebook and Twitter sites. An activation campaign also prompted existing parents and pupils to use their own social media channels and connections to spread the awareness of the films – a cost effective, and powerful way of empowering brand advocates to market the school themselves.


Attendance at the upper school Open Morning rose by 42% compared to the previous year, with a record number of prospective parents also enquiring about the prep school.

The Headmaster of the lower school, Mr Chris Godwin, even received a spontaneous round of applause when he played the new film to parents at the Open Morning.

“Agency Inc delivered a very dynamic, amusing and detailed pitch and since their appointment, have exceeded expectations with regards to their professionalism and creative expertise; we’re delighted with the campaign.”

John Moule
Head Master
Bedford School