Feel The Speed

Companies House



The brief from Companies House was to engage and persuade accountants across the country to shift their administrative processes towards online filing of accounts, rather than persisting with paper forms and postage.

Research showed us that one particular type of online filing, relating to dormant company accounts, was a significantly quicker process online, thus giving us a simple, motivating proposition to put to paper filers.


If we can tempt accountants to file accounts online they will be surprised by how quick it makes them feel.


We created online banners which featured an accountant sprinting through an office causing a sonic boom and a trail of discarded paperwork. Administrators were urged to file online and ‘feel the speed’.

The headline proposition was supported by copy which built on the time and cost savings, and offered practical examples, via the microsite, of other accountancy firms that had already made the switch to online filing.

We conducted interviews with five such accountants from around the country, turning their insights into digital content by filming, editing and then distributing a series of films through digital and social media channels.

Agency Inc planned the media schedule in partnership with our media buyers, Starcom Mediavest, and the campaign launched through online and offline channels, including email marketing.

We also transformed the Companies House home page, a site which receives more than 108 million hits each year.


The filing of accounts online grew by 28% in the year.

Overall rates of electronic filing rose significantly, accounting for 74% of all customer transactions, including 97.9% of all annual returns.