Winning Hearts and Minds


Rexel - Hearts and Minds


Rexel, having just undertaken an overhaul of the look and feel of the brand, needed to introduce the new styling to the internal stakeholders from across the EMEA business.


The overall brand message, which enshrined and set the direction for the entire organisation, needed to be understood in order for the practicalities of the brand implementation to be seen in context. In order for the transition to come about quickly and smoothly, and to ensure everyone was onboard going forward, an all-hands meeting was required.


A meeting date was set and we produced a short but informative and motivating ‘New brand’ film, presentation, and printed piece for the wider audience not in attendance at the all-hands. Sales, marketing and technical teams from across Europe and the Middle East joined the meeting via the live webinar.


The presentation caused a step change in the way sales and marketing teams communicated the brand. Rather than viewing the changes as a series of rules and templates, they began to feel empowered and excited by the opportunity to build a strong, consistent brand across their sales regions and territories. The feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive, and the process also enabled us to build collaborative relationships between our studio team and distant marketing and design teams across EMEA.

Rexel - Hearts and Minds
Rexel - Hearts and Minds