KP Intranut

KP Nuts


KP Snacks runs an intranet system that not only informs and educates their employees and stakeholders but also holds vital training materials that staff are required to take as part of their yearly targets. We were invited to develop a new solution to replace the existing system which was dated and disjointed, and subsequently rarely used.


Following an initial scoping process we began developing solutions to streamline the platform so that it could be easily accessed via mobile devices as well as desktops. A quick, simple, easy to administer solution was required, which would also enable communications to be tailored to smaller segments according to their training and comms needs.


We developed two options based on a bespoke CMS system, either built from the ground up giving maximum flexibility and scale to grow, or working with an off-the-shelf solution, which could be tailored to suit KP’s specific requirements. The latter option was preferred as it allowed sufficient flexibility on the content and design, whilst being available on a subscription based model, thereby reducing upfront costs and development time to go live.