Like It’s Ours

Dirty Cows



To create an identity and a local campaign to generate enquiries for a bespoke domestic cleaning company operating in south west London.


Letting cleaners into your house requires a certain level of trust.


We developed a brand identity which was distinctive, friendly and reassuring, supported by a strapline which neatly summed up the company’s diligence and professionalism.

Prospects were reached via targeted direct mail packs, email and through search optimisation. And the web site was also designed to carry prospects seamlessly through to a formal enquiry and invitation to quote, with a clear and consistent brand proposition and copy style.


The activity was so successful that Dirty Cows had to halt the new business drive after just 2 months and turn their focus towards recruiting new cleaners in order to service their growing waiting list of new customers. The recruitment ads, which were then published in county magazines and local papers, had the unexpected effect of generating even more new customer enquiries – thereby further exacerbating the `high class problems’ of having too many customers and not enough cleaners.

“As an example, from one street in Long Ditton and it’s cul de sacs that run off it (about 200 homes altogether), we acquired 11 new clients from there alone, all of them stating that it was the clean fresh look of the leaflet and the promise of an entirely different cleaning service that prompted their call.”

Sophie Evans
Managing Director
Dirty Cows Bespoke Cleaning Ltd