New Directors

Joined-up Government



We were appointed by six government departments to develop a joined up communications framework which would allow each of them to efficiently introduce their services to directors of newly incorporated businesses on an ongoing basis.

Business Link, HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC), Companies House, the environment agencies for the UK (NetRegs), the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) and the Better Regulation Executive (BRE) joined forces for the first time with the brief to help them raise awareness of their services in relation to this audience.

The problem is that company directors are not yet required by law to provide an email address at the point of incorporation, which makes it very difficult for the government to develop an online relationship with them.


When starting a new business directors can often be overwhelmed and overloaded with information. Anything which is not required immediately as part of the process of setting up can get ignored and forgotten about.


We pulled relevant and succinct information from all six departments together into a simple micro-site and made it accessible via a single registration process.

The portal was introduced to new directors by direct mail as a website which would give them “a helping hand in growing their businesses”. The tone of voice supportive and congratulatory.

Each government department was introduced in less than 50 words online so that recipients could quickly understood their main responsibilities and statutory obligations, and knew where to find key information that they might need – ranging from how to register for PAYE, to how to assess health & safety risks.


This was a landmark piece of joined-up thinking from the government departments involved, which was planned, conceived and implemented in full by Agency Inc. The new directors site was successfully introduced to more than 100k businesses in the first year, and all the targets which were set for site visits and click through rates to content held on supporting pages were met and exceeded.