Quality for Less

CS Healthcare



To revamp the brand and all communications to address a decline in membership for this specialist health insurer.

Prior to our appointment outbound communications such as press and direct mail packs had avoided any reference to price competitiveness in order to protect the integrity of the brand, particularly in the eyes of the existing customer base.

We began the process by researching both customers and unconverted enquirers to understand exactly why people had chosen CS Healthcare, or why they had decided to go elsewhere.


Win-loss research was conclusive, 78% of their customers had chosen CS Healthcare based on price, but they also had to trust in the brand and the perceived quality of the care provided.


Our solution was to promote the value proposition in a clear, confident and consistent manner through all the communications channels.

We created a fresh and professional new logo and identity, introduced a strap line to directly support the headline propositions, and designed a new web site to carry respondents seamlessly through to an online quotation, supported by plenty of reassurance about the quality of the service being offered.

The new CS Healthcare was launched through a highly targeted acquisition campaign through email, magazine ads, posters, loose inserts, digital display banners and `Member Get Member’ initiatives which were managed online.

And the strategy of confidently displaying up to date competitor prices from the market leaders such as BUPA, AXA PPP and Norwich Union was ahead of it’s time in prompting direct interactions rather than driving prospects through to comparison sites.


Overall the activity resulted in a 5.5% swing from a declining base to one showing net customer growth for the first time in recent years, and in a saturated market for private health insurance.