Royal Ascot Racing Club

Ascot Racecourse



To increase membership of the exclusive Royal Ascot Racing Club, which carries a £23k joining fee.


Wealthy people are more likely to respond to touches of luxury and finesse.


We created a brand identity, and produced a hardcover, high quality book in our membership drive for the club. The book was full of lavish photographs, conveying the sumptuous and impressive nature of the club. The cover was embossed on a leather finish, with equal care given to the design of the inside. Attention was given to each and every membership benefit for a rational balance to spending such a large amount of money. The book was distributed in person and by postal invitation to become a member.


All of the new membership positions were taken within four weeks of launching, and a waiting list was even formed. The same creative materials were also re-used a year later to coincide with a new release of membership positions, and they generated the same results as 2010 by selling out in a matter of weeks.

“Agency Inc are an agency we trust. They understand the brand and how to position it appropriately to each and every audience. They’ve made it hugely aspirational and yet egalitarian. In the past we were perceived as toffee-nosed and a little bit snooty, but now it’s a brand that can encompass everybody.”

John Blake
Head of Sales & Marketing
Ascot Racecourse