Save the Planet

Companies House



To persuade accountancy practices, who handle the statutory admin for the majority of British businesses, to file information with Companies House online rather than using paper forms. Many accountants had already chosen to switch to online filing for key documents such as the annual return form, so our task was to make them aware that (almost) everything could be filed electronically.

But why should they change their behaviour now if they hadn’t switched already?


Business drivers at accountancy firms are primarily motivated by the need to maximise revenues whilst minimising costs, and are therefore interested in solutions which promise efficiency savings. However, as filing information with Companies House is a relatively infrequent and painless process, we needed to find a more emotive button to press which would resonate with accountants and administrators.


We revealed the inner hero in our reserved target audience using lurid superhero costumes alone. They starred in magazine ads, digital display ads, emails, and a ‘how to’ guide recreated as a DC comic book which was sent to every accountancy firm with instructions to “pass it on to the superhero responsible for filing information”.

The creative concept worked because it connected with accountants, recognising their sense of humour whilst gently playing on the generalisation that they are universally boring. It also pointed out the collective role they could play on behalf of British businesses in saving the planet. Therefore, important, funny and heroic – all good stuff!

Our communications strategy was to concentrate the media budget up-front to allow us to make a big impact on and off-line with extremely distinctive ads in prominent positions that were hard to ignore. The highly retainable comic guide book ensured that each accountancy practice knew exactly what could be filed online, and how to do it. Direct prompts were also delivered by email, supported by a micro-site.


In just 3 months after the launch of the super heroes campaign, electronic filing of documents other than annual returns, increased by more than 20%. A remarkable achievement.

‘A quick 20% uplift in electronic filing on the back of our most successful integrated campaign ever – what an amazing result.’

Arthur West
Customer Insight Manager
Companies House