Seven Pubs, Seven Sites

Orange Giraffe


The Orange Giraffe Pub Group are a set of 7 beautiful and traditional London pubs spread across the Southwest London area.

The old websites for the pubs were dated, slow and un-responsive across all mobile formats.

Agency Inc were tasked with creating a brand new suite of websites for the 7 pubs; maintaining each pub’s own identity and character, whilst keeping a visual and navigational symmetry between all 7 sites.


Traditional London pubs aren’t high-tech, fancy or ultra-modern. They’re charming, friendly and feel like a second home to many of us. The websites had to reflect that.


We developed a smart and clean design that represented the heritage and character of the individual pubs, as-well as giving the best user experience possible at the same time.

Full bleed images and headers help the user navigate through the site, as well as showing off all the fantastic food and drinks that the pubs have to offer.

As well as getting 7 beautifully designed websites, the pub managers also have full control over the content they put out, having received individual and comprehensive training on how to use a WordPress platform to manage and edit every element on the new sites.


“Agency Inc have done a brilliant job providing websites for our 7 pubs over the last 5 years.
We’ve gone through 2 incarnations online and on each occasion Agency Inc have produced an excellent set of sites that deliver exactly what we want.
Thanks very much!”

Richard Manners, Owner of Orange Giraffe Pubs

See for yourself!