Spreading Joy

Acco Rexel


Rexel tasked us with developing an appropriate positioning, creative advertising and packaging solution to launch a brand new range of vividly coloured desktop products across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.


Joy was the perfect name, delivering the product positioning in just three letters. The boldly colourful range is targeted at office managers and staff wishing to brighten up their drab surroundings.


We let the products themselves be the heroes of the communications. Bold close ups filled the various channels with colour against a clean white background. Simple headlines and prompts urged our target audience to ‘Be Brighter!’ before asking the question ‘What colour are you’?


The early success of the launch prompted Rexel to extend the range to include more colourful desktop products, and even business machines. The JOY products have enjoyed sustained commercial success throughout the year, and have now been introduced to multiple territories across the EMEA region.