Stepping Out Of A Jam

Acco Rexel



Launch the new range of Rexel Mercury shredders to an audience of office product decision makers, showcasing the products’ key features – primarily its clever patented sensor “jam free” technology.


64% of listed paper jams (Deep Blue Insight – Oct 2010) is the main pain point when it comes to shredding, not only leaving the job incomplete, but also as it’s an incredible drain on time and resources. We could have highlighted this killer product claim with a simple demo, but we thought we’d approach it a little differently.


To appeal to both large-scale and small-scale office employees, we created a suite of product films which compared and contrasted “The old way” of shredding versus “The Rexel way”. We transformed the set into two different office environments, with ‘The Rexel way’ set in a modern, clean space reflecting an innovative office space – and ‘the old way’ portrayed in the complete opposite light.

To work across the EMEA markets, we translated the films and updated the on-screen graphics accordingly.


Rexel EMEA has increased market share dramatically in recent years, with automatic shredders leading the charge.

Stepping Out Of A Jam
Stepping Out Of A Jam