The Case For Change




To raise awareness of Bupa’s Home Healthcare services amongst targeted NHS Trusts across the country.

Decision making at NHS Trusts can be a complicated process involving commissioners, pharmacists, and nurses, all of whom have slightly different priorities and objectives ranging from patient satisfaction through to administration and budgetary concerns.


Busy nurses and commissioners will only engage with messages that are relevant to them, delivered as concisely as possible.


We segmented the target audience according to their primary motivations, breaking down the key benefits and reasons to consider switching to avoid overwhelming our busy targets with too much information in one go. We created and wrote an engaging, but copy-light, direct mail piece for each audience, followed by a series of three focused emails, each of which linked through to a micro-site and supporting case studies.

The campaign therefore delivered relevant, bite-sized information, punctuated by outbound calls from Bupa’s Local Account Managers, and supported by advertising in key publications and web sites.

We also designed more comprehensive follow-up materials for the Account Managers, including a brochure and a powerpoint presentation, ensuring a consistent proposition and delivery all the way through the customer journey to the point of purchase.


In just 6 weeks from launch the campaign generated more than 60 face to face meetings, and more than £5m in confirmed business. This astonishing success from a modest marketing investment more than doubled Bupa’s market share in this home health sector.

And the strategy and implementation tactics have become templates for future campaigns for Bupa, relating to different patient groups and specialist home healthcare needs.