The Future of Filing Accounts

Companies House


Our task was to raise awareness, encourage uptake and ultimately legislative compliance of digital filing of accounts with Companies House. How could we best demonstrate the tangible benefits for businesses to move away from paper filing, and turn what is typically quite a dry and daunting subject into something engaging and informative?


Businesses are generally reluctant or resistant to changing internal processes particularly when they ain’t broke, and don’t need fixin’. Often however, barriers of perception can be easily broken down if they can be shown real business examples of how simple changes to processes can actually benefit them.


We created a suite of case study films showcasing a selection of businesses, including traditional accountancy practices, a legal firm and a large multinational corporation, demonstrating how they have adopted electronic filing of accounts and how it’s benefited them. We interviewed a mix of business owners, partners, and compliance managers, each offering real life reasons of how the adoption of progressive technology has allowed them to operate more efficiently and effectively.


These films will be launched on the Companies House website in mid-July.