X3 Scissors Launch

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X3 Scissors NPD


Following a global brand refresh and repositioning, Rexel were keen to capitalise on heightened brand awareness by launching a new patented range of scissors with curved blades.


Research showed us that the 30 degree curved blade scissors could cut through paper and card with only one third of the effort required by normal scissors.


The X3 scissors were born, with a clear, confident, and compelling product claim of ‘3 times easier’. We developed strong, consistent packaging across the range, enabling the distinctive scissors to stand out for themselves. The copy and claims were kept to the bare minimum on front of pack, ensuring that the killer claim was received by consumers in an instant.


The new look brand has been rolled out across all packaging, catalogues and partner websites, and is now available for consumers to purchase in more than 14 countries. In addition, we have developed online and offline advertising, point of sale, and sales support materials, all of which have been written into a clear set of sub-brand guidelines for inclusion in the main Rexel brand book.

X3 Scissors NPD
X3 Scissors NPD
X3 Scissors NPD