Team: Creative
Line Manager: Senior Art Director
Reports: Art Director, Senior Art Worker, Designers, Videographers and Editors (as required)
Role type: Permanent


The role in brief

The copywriter is responsible for the creation and development of advertising/campaign ideas, with

particular focus on the written words (copy) within these. This copy can be anything from

headlines and body copy for print advertising, to digital, video content and social media. Their imagination and flair for writing allows them to create persuasive, engaging copy that helps to solve genuine business problems for their agency’s clients.

Working with

  • Internal: Art Director, Senior Art Director, Designers, Account management team, planners, and production staff.
  • Copywriters usually partner with Art Directors to form creative teams for the purposeof working on creative briefs within the agency, with the Art Director having a greater focus on the visual idea and execution of the final output.


Responsible for

  • Understanding the context that lies behind a client’s business and communications need, and the key proposition and creative brief that is provided as the basis for their work.
  • Understanding the target audience and proposed media to be used in the campaign.
  • Devising and developing original advertising and communications ideas alongside an Art Director, that engage the target audience and address the client’s business problem.
  • Presenting those ideas to the Senior Art Director for approval and development, and writing copy through several stages of concepts and executions.
  • Generating and maintaining enthusiasm for ideas within the agency (and with clients in more client-facing Copywriter roles) as they move from concept to execution.
  • Responding to client and research feedback and continuing to develop the work until final approval stage.
  • Working alongside the Art Director to help select photographers, illustrators, video production companies and Directors.
  • Overseeing the production of creative outputs e.g. print advertisements, video content, social media content, mailings etc.


Personal requirements

Below is an overview of the experience, skills and knowledge that are required to effectively carry out the duties and responsibilities of the role. These elements will form the basis of selection
for the role.


  • Must be educated to degree level in a relevant discipline.


  • Minimum of 2 years in a copywriter’s role within an integrated agency, ideally with experience in B2B.
  • Experience in a multi-channel environment, developing and executing ideas across the whole spectrum.

Knowledge, Skills and abilities

  • Imaginative and full of ideas.
  • Able to distinguish between a central, core idea and the executional possibilities it gives rise to.
  • Passionate about good writing.
  • Able to write clear, accurate and persuasive copy that can engage different audiences.
  • Fascinated by people, advertising and brands.
  • Able to apply creative thinking to business problems.
  • Communicators who can ‘sell’ ideas in an inspirational way.
  • Team players, who can operate effectively under pressure and to tight deadlines.
  • The ability to work as part of a ‘creative team’, working alongside an Art Director if required.
  • Tenacious and resilient throughout the frustrations of an iterative process.


  • Good at evaluating and further developing creative ideas; able to give and receive feedback to support its development amongst all members of the wider team
  • Determination to produce award winning work, to maintain and grow our reputation in the wider B2B environment



We make the complicated simple.

We develop brilliantly clever, creative, and simple solutions for marketing people working in complex, international businesses.  We are recognised as experts in B2B marketing, trusted by some of the largest companies and biggest brands in the world. We aim to become the best B2B agency in the world (pound for pound).


We share a set of values and behaviours which have enabled us to reach this position as a team, and which we aspire to deliver every day:


  1. Compassionate
  • We care about our clients, and we care about each other.
  • We go the extra mile to make things easier for others – simplifying briefs and proposals, clarifying timings, collaborating, and maintaining an open dialogue.
  • We create an environment in which our colleagues will thrive and produce their best work, and through which our clients will instinctively turn to us first for help.


  1. Resilient
  • We have the ability to bend, not break, under pressure, and emerge stronger.
  • As we strive to grow, and take on even greater challenges, we will continue to learn how to flex and be agile.
  • And we help our clients to be resilient when they themselves are under pressure, supported by clear and simple objectives, strategies, processes and timelines.


  1. Supportive
  • We help and empower each other to achieve much more than we could as individuals.
  • We encourage and enjoy open collaboration, feedback, and viewpoints from every perspective – as a team, and in our process of working with clients.
  • We take responsibility for making other people’s lives easier, without having to take over.


  1. Confident
  • We’re confident in our abilities, processes and experience, but we should never be cocky.
  • We’re not out to impress clients with how smart we are.
  • We will always be ready to ask questions, and to express our considered views and opinions as simply as possible, and we’ll encourage and trust others to do the same.
  • It’s essential that we will always maintain a hunger to learn and to share, further building our knowledge and expertise, our methods, and our confidence.


  1. Thorough
  • We keep everything as simple as possible to enable us to work quickly, but we will always build in quality checks, giving ourselves time to get things right.
  • We set a clear direction, and take collective personal responsibility for delivering, always taking the strain off our clients wherever we can.
  • We aim high, and then do it on the fly.


  1. Respectful
  • We recognise individual contributions, whilst always working as a team with common goals. Mutual respect and trust for each other is fundamental.
  • We treat suppliers and partners in exactly the same way.
  • And we will always be respectful to our clients, taking time to understand their objectives, their perspectives, and their opinions.