The only safe choice for a sustainable future

Sulphur hexafluoride (SF6) is one of the world’s most harmful greenhouse gases. Its global warming potential is 25,200 times that of carbon dioxide (CO2) and can last in the atmosphere for up to 3,200 years.

SF6 is banned worldwide across most industries, however it continues to dominate the electrical sector as the accepted standard in switchgear operations.


What on earth is a switchgear?

A switchgear is a heavy duty cabinet, housing components that control electrical equipment in industrial plants. SF6 has long been established as the most reliable method to protect equipment and people from electric shocks.

That is, until now.


Reliable and sustainable? Introducing ABB ecoGIS with AirPlus

AirPlus is an eco-switchgear, using a green gas alternative to SF6. It is the only solution of its kind, with all the benefits of traditional switchgear, but ~100% less global warming potential.


The challenge 

How do you convince a conservative audience to make the switch to go green, when SF6 switchgear are believed to be more reliable?

Switchgear managers need to safeguard against the risk of downtime, whilst procurement need to invest for the long-term.

With the uncertain future of SF6 switchgear, eco-alternatives are the safest choice. And with all the reliability and protection of conventional switchgear, AirPlus is the best choice.


Our solution

Our strategy highlights why AirPlus is the only solution that guarantees both operational certainty AND certainty for the future. More reliable than other eco-alternatives, and more sustainable than conventional SF6, the advantages of AirPlus are undoubtable.


Migrate to a more certain future

The creative idea was simple: with an analogy of animals migrating to safer, greener lands, we called for urgent action – driving customers to make their move from SF6 to AirPlus. The only choice for a reliable and sustainable future.



 “Agency Inc’s creative approach on social media and trade media advertising (resulted in) significantly above average click rates. Their messaging hierarchy made it easy to ensure that all assets created align to the overall value proposition and strategy.”

 – Thomas Makrandreou, Global Communications Manager, ABB Electrification Distribution Solutions



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