I click on all my least favourite things. I realised this yesterday, after I’d hit my fifth ridiculous headline of the day.

Which got me thinking: could the most-loved ads of all time also be the least clickable?

Take this:

You’ll find it on lists of ‘The 30 greatest ads ever.’ People create these lists from memory. That’s how long someone remembered this advert.

But would I click it? There’s no need. It says it all.

You might think ‘this is a print advert, it’s different’.

You might say there’s plenty of engageable brand creative made specifically for the digital world. Like Puma’s amazing Cricket World Cup campaign. Good point.

But what about TV ads? The classics are unclickable. They’re complete stories. And do we honestly believe that Apple’s 1984 commercial wouldn’t move minds on social today?

In B2B advertising, we measure brand work by the same metrics as sales pushes. In the process, we might be losing sight of the basics of advertising creative.

Because some ads are too good to click.

And when they’re making ads, many marketers are thinking about clicks. We fear not being clickable. Is that fear killing B2B creative?


“Fear is the mortal enemy of creativity.”

Alex Bogusky
Designer, marketer, author


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