What is it like to start at a B2B agency?

From day 1 at Agency Inc, I learnt that ‘making the complicated simple’ is not just a boilerplate statement used to sell B2B marketing services. It’s an attitude. From the way we approach day-to-day tasks, to the way we communicate, the simple way is always the best way.

First, let’s talk about acronyms.

After a mere few days at AI, I quickly discovered that there’s no time for waffle. Acronyms and abbreviations are used every day, all in the name of simplifying comms as clearly and efficiently as possible. Being a ‘gen z, I thought I would be okay. I had the basics covered (lol), but before I confused my CTA’s with my CTR’s, I was referring to this acronym glossary as a way of getting by. I should’ve expected as much joining a ‘B2B’ agency.

I <3 Excel

Never before had I thought that excel or google spreadsheets could be so exciting…Inputting data, cleaning it up, making it look nice has done wonders for my organisational skills. Not to mention, a simple tool for streamlining status meetings, timelines, budgets, lists, etc. Conditional formatting has become a veritable hobby of mine.

Now I’m 2 months in…

I have been fortunate enough to anchor myself within a group of talented, strategic and creative people that are passionate about bringing simplicity to the complex world of B2B. I can proudly say that in a short space of time, I am constantly questioning how to simplify, do things better and more efficiently.

But anyway, BRB, I’m B2B’ing.

Agency Inc
We make the complicated simple