At Agency Inc, we believe that the secret to great work is great partnerships. So, having won our fair share of awards for doing great work in recent years, we thought it was time to pay tribute to the partners who made it possible – our clients.

The Client of the Year award is our way to celebrate these clients and recognise their hard work throughout the year.

With so many great partners it was incredibly difficult to choose just one winner. So for this year’s award, we had to select two winners for being such outstanding clients.

And the winners are… drum roll please… Robert Glass Head of Marketing at Exel Composites and Christiane Schumacher Head of Global Channel Management and Marketing Communications at FIMER. The Agency Inc team have shared some great insights on what makes these winners so good to work with.

Robert stands out for transforming the Exel brand over the last year. It’s refreshing to work with a client that cares and trusts us so much. Robert truly embodies the values that his company stands for. He’s completely supportive, collaborative, encouraging, passionate, creative and a true ‘forward thinker’.

Christiane is truly passionate, smart, ambitious and strategic, taking the time to understand what we’re doing and adding value with useful feedback at every stage. We commend her bravery in terms of creative direction and messaging, as well as her willingness to push the boundaries. And we’re always impressed by the way she remains calm and positive under really tight time pressures.

So to Christiane and Robert, congratulations from all of us here at Agency Inc! Here’s to another year of creating great work together and making the complicated simple.