Our 2019 Marketing Insight research explores what operational decision makers really think of digitalisation

The fifth and final insight culled from our research concerns decision makers’ appetite for the right partnership. Their desire to work alongside similarly focused vendors is great news for those of us who already have a customer solutions mindset. For those that don’t, it’s a welcome spur to update your approach.

Insight #5 – Decision makers want to forge collaborative partnerships.

Operational decision makers are clear that they can’t succeed on their own. 79% regard collaboration and partnerships as critical or very important to digital success.

But it’s important to note that they’re looking for a particular kind of vendor. They want partners that offer solutions to directly address industry challenges. 82% said that’s very important or critical that vendors demonstrate a solution focus. Whether pressure comes from regulation, risk, environmental or market demands, it’s clear that collaborative partnerships are required for success.

Many businesses have little capacity for investment, especially if they’ve spent big on digital products and platforms in recent years. The priority is now getting the most value out of their existing assets in line with new digital opportunities – and they’ll need to partner with vendors to help them do that.

Key takeaway: Operational decision makers see partnering with vendors as key to success.

  • Operational decision makers see partnering with vendors as key to success.
  • Stop focusing on hardware, software or services, and start focusing on customer solutions
  • Becoming a trusted advisor to end-customers could reap big rewards in the future

In our final blog next week, we lay out the conclusion to our research and consider how digital partners can move forward.