Our 2019 Marketing Insight research explores what operational decision makers really think of digitalisation

In our previous post, we took a look at decision makers’ short-term needs. But to truly understand this complex audience, we wanted to take a more holistic view of how they saw technology. The results were surprising.

Insight #2 — Decision makers are digitally plugged in, both professionally and personally.

Defying the stereotype, 77% describe themselves as digital tech innovators or early adopters – the kind of people who fly their own drones, wire their own smart homes, and play with AR and VR.

And this hands-on experience with technology extends to their professional lives. 65% say that investment in digitalisation is essential to the short-term success of their business. This rises to 75% over the longer term.

And with 89% of decision makers reporting direct experience in digital project delivery, they’re comfortable in assessing digital propositions – 90% say they’re confident evaluating digital vendors.

So, given their experience and confidence, it comes as no surprise that while they’re still looking for immediate benefits, they’re upbeat about industrial digitalisation in general, with 68% reporting positive interest.

Key takeaway: Operational decision makers are digitally astute and self-assured.

  • Respect the experience and expertise of the audience
  • Don’t assume an individual is resistant to change just because your proposition is being challenged or because the sector is relatively conservative
  • Make your digital proposition robust – it’s going to come under real scrutiny

Considering the level of digital confidence displayed by our respondents, what we discovered in our third key insight came as something of a surprise.

Next week’s blog explores what even digitally astute decision makers perceive as a major vulnerability in their approach. Stay tuned!