My observations from Intersolar this year

The core purpose of the renewables industry is to replace fossil fuels and solve the climate change problem. For this reason, year on year I choose to attend Intersolar, to meet the change makers face to face. It’s the world’s leading event for the renewables and solar industry, celebrating innovation in technologies that drive a zero-carbon future.

This year, more than ever, walking into the exhibition hall was overwhelming. Hundreds and hundreds of suppliers, all here to sell (on the surface) very similar solutions. And aiming to tackle the global climate challenge, with ambitious, collective goals:

• COP28 set targets to triple renewable power and double energy efficiency by 2030

• This commitment is in line with projections from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) estimating that 90 percent of the world’s electricity can and should come from renewable energy by 2050

So, with everyone here on a mission towards the same targets, how do you stand out and maintain a competitive edge?

In a very crowded market, now, more than ever, it’s important for a brand to deliver value to a customer, and compete above and beyond price. This is what separates the change makers from the commodity players.

Change makers don’t just want to make a difference, they want to differentiate. Their purpose is to provide unique value to customers that only they can deliver.

My top 3 observations from Intersolar that made change makers stand out from the crowd:

1. Flexible transformation is the future

Where digital transformation meets flexibility. I saw leading companies embrace flexibility as a way of adapting to shifting grid demands, enabled by digital technology. Those that can flex the fastest will be better placed to support customers in this transition.

2. Collaboration is key to growth

‘Connecting Solar Business’ was this year’s tag line, highlighting the importance of strategic partnerships. Through collaboration, change makers can maximise their impact by leveraging the strengths of a connected ecosystem.

3. Differentiation is critical to success

Companies with a deeper understanding of why customers would choose them, over and above competitors, will win in the long-term. By selling and marketing their USPs, there’s a greater chance to stand out by leveraging creativity and innovation.

In a crowded, price-driven market, it’s harder now more than ever as a change maker to drive results. The companies that convey a purpose will be able to maximise their social and environmental impact. At Agency Inc, we’re here to challenge the change makers, to think and do things better.

Are you ready for the challenge?

Until next year’s Intersolar, let us help you keep it simple.

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