Agency Inc Sustainability series:

Should you sell the electric vision if you don’t drive the car?


Continuing Agency Inc’s sustainability series, this week’s topic: electric cars

The global electric car market is growing exponentially. More electric cars are now sold every week than in the whole of 2012.

The UK alone is making good progress:

  • We are on course to be the fastest G7 country to decarbonise cars and vans
  • 2030 marks the end of the sale of new petrol and diesel cars, and all new cars and vans will be fully zero emission from 2035
  • The government has set a new target to increase the number of electric car chargers more than ten times to 300,000 by 2030 after criticism that the rollout of public infrastructure is too slow to match demand

So, with this level of public interest and investment, we must all be electric car owners, right? Not quite. We spoke to professionals in the clean energy space, and none of them said they owned an electric car. And I’m afraid to say, at Agency Inc, we don’t either.


So that begs the question –

Are we all eco-hypocrites to be selling the electric dream, but in reality, we don’t even drive the car?

‘Long trips would be difficult. We don’t have adequate charging infrastructure’

‘Battery technology is improving so rapidly. In a couple years, you will see big improvements’

 ‘I’m holding out for the next greatest thing’


Sustainable, when it’s practical

It seems that cost, the rapid pace of technology and lack of charging infrastructure are all factors that limit our best intentions for ownership. The next 5 years will no doubt gain momentum in electric car adoption, but for now, we haven’t reached the turning point.


Does that make us eco-hypocrites?

Ask us again in 5 years.


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