Sustainability is such a massive issue, and rightly so. Our planet is in trouble. So what do we do about it? It can be difficult to know how to make a difference.

At Agency Inc, we’ve realised that the way to make a difference is simply to make a start. So we’ve done exactly that.

No wildly impressive ideas. No ingenious solutions. Just simple, practical steps that everyone can do.

As a team, we’ve made 10 small commitments. 10 small actions that will make a big difference – especially if you join us in doing them too.

So here they are:

1. We’ll plant 500 trees for every new client and every new client referral. 

2. We’ll make a donation to an animal conservation group for every new follower to our LinkedIn page.

3. Once a year, we’ll invite volunteers and clients to plant trees or collect rubbish together as a team.

4. We’ll cut the use of paper in our office by half.

5. We won’t use single use plastic bottles and coffee cups in the office. (And we’ll ask our suppliers, partners and clients to do the same.)

6. We’ll cut down on packaging waste by bringing our own lunches to work once a week.

7. We’ll have one meat-free day per week, whether we’re working remotely or in the office.

8. We’ll avoid travelling to work in private vehicles unless they’re 100% electric.

9. We’ll increase the number of days that we walk or cycle to work.

10. We’ll work with our clients to change briefs wherever possible to promote attitudes, lifestyles and behaviours that are consistent with a carbon-neutral world.

So that’s it. Just 10 simple, practical, steps. Now how about you? How will you make a start?

Let us know on social, and lets’s make a big difference together.