Leads are vital in distinguishing individuals who are genuinely interested in your company and those that have no reason to purchase your products or services.

Although there are already many great strategies in place to capture leads it can be difficult getting quality leads that lead to more revenue. But in order to make this process more efficient in the most human way possible consider the process a ‘wave and handshake’.

The wave is a friendly gesture, used to acknowledge another’s presence. Whether that’s to one person or a group. If we think of this analogy in regards to lead generation it’s important to wave to potential prospects. Get their attention and bring them an enticing call to action. Reaching out with a handshake only feels comfortable if you know the person and they can see it coming.

Lead generation strategies should be an extension of your current marketing strategy that continues to build on your brand.

Here are 3 top tips in implementing the ‘wave and handshake

  • Personalise call to action: Make sure you’re creating offers for each phase of the buying cycle and offering CTAs for these offers throughout the site. Often there is no lead nurturing process. You have to have material that connects to your buyers needs following a more ‘relational approach’ and making changes to the way you frame your messaging.
  • Build trust: Much like many relationships trust is important. This is no different for the B2B relationship. We want you to keep shaking your customers hands time and time again.

Operating in the B2B space doesn’t change the fact that we’re human. So consider the ‘wave and handshake‘ technique next time, as a friendlier way of doing business.

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