In a commoditized market with limited innovation, the launch of ABB’s new safety switch with extra large viewing window was set to make waves.

First things first, what’s a safety switch? Simply put, it turns power on and off in a manufacturing plant. With a built-in window, it provides essential protection to operators by allowing them to visually check the condition of the switch, without having to open the door.

With the largest window on the market, ABB’s new safety switch with extra large viewing window is a leading innovation in safety

The challenge

Whist the benefit of safety is clear for end users, ABB’s direct customers are distributors, who buy and sell the safety switch.

How do you position a product with a primary benefit of user safety, to an audience that care more about better business?

Our solution

Translate the safety benefit into a value message. With a bigger window, distributors could offer their customers a premium product, promising ‘extra safety’ and therefore better overall value – win-win.

Our strategic platform equated extra safety with better business, giving distributors more incentive to recommend the ABB safety switch to their customers. In short, safer means better for everybody.

The safer, the better

The creative idea was simple: using a clear analogy with sharks to represent the danger of a live electrical switch, and father and child protected behind aquarium glass to represent safety.


Safety first

We’re excited to see the results from the launch and early engagement is promising. Most importantly, we have built a trusted relationship with our client as a safe pair of hands, with a pipeline of exciting projects in the works. Watch this space!

“The shark concept with the caption ‘extra large viewing window’ is absolutely brilliant and eye-catching…Thank you for the great support – I’m glad you are working with us.

 Dina Rizou, Global Communication Specialist, ABB Electrification 


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