Our conclusions…

In our role as a strategic partner to global tech and engineering companies, we’re frequently asked to develop campaigns and engagement strategies which target operational decision makers from across the business landscape.

We conducted this research for ourselves, but also for our clients, who are invariably busy marketing directors grappling with a portfolio of complex products, multiple routes to market, and limited budgets.

The results were clear: as the pace of competitor digitalisation accelerates, our operational decision makers are highly motivated, hungry for information, and actively looking for collaborative partnerships.

Now is the time for vendors and consultants to present solutions with clarity, simplicity and confidence.

There are opportunities for long-term transformation for all players in the digitalisation space. That said, it’s essential that solutions are positioned to address short term objectives and integrate with legacy equipment and software.


It pays to be simple

There’s one more thing of interest that we discovered talking to operational decision makers. They’re looking for simplicity.

Simplicity is the second most important attribute of a digital partner

When asked to rate the most important attributes of a digital vendor, simplicity was second only to expertise.
Leading consumer brands like Amazon, Netflix, and Google are setting the standard in simple, intuitive user experiences. And it seems these standards are increasingly expected in B2B markets and technologies.

So what does this mean for you?

Simplicity creates an opportunity to gain an edge over other digital vendors. Streamlining the entire customer experience, from marketing communications to services and support, is extremely appealing to operational decision makers. And while this will involve some hard work, it will pay off — Siegel+Gale’s Simplicity Index shows that simplification commands a premium.3

We hope this research provides marketing professionals valuable insight into a crucial target audience and the multitude of digital vendors and consultants that compete for decision makers’ attention.

If you have any comments or questions, please get in touch. Our unique strategic approach means we know how to make the complicated simple.