Our 2019 Marketing Insight research explores what decision makers really think of digitalisation

Following on from our state-of-the-industry blog, today we’ll be taking a closer look at the subject of our primary research: decision makers. So, who are they? And why is knowing what makes them tick so crucial to your strategy?


Operational decision makers play a vital role in any business; they sit below executive level to interpret strategy, plan implementation, select resources and partners, and manage execution across the organisation. They are a vital conduit between the board and hands-on workers.

During our research, we spoke extensively to this critical business audience.

We interviewed 156 decision makers from seven different industries and across five European markets:

Our insights, derived from a unique dataset and allied to extensive industry experience, were far-ranging and can be usefully applied across the whole B2B marketing spectrum. We discovered key messages around domain expertise, legacy integration, collaboration, consultancy and solutions that resonate far beyond our industry verticals.

As you will see, operational decision makers know the business drivers as well as they know the barriers, they know what they want from digital projects, and they know what they expect from digital partners. 

Put simply, decision makers can make or break your chances of success.

Next, we’ll be exploring the first of the five key takeaways from our research. Check back next week to learn what business attribute decision makers value the most.