Stepping into a virtual world as an avatar is not just the stuff of metaverses. And while the metaverse may still be a future, abstract concept, with Hitachi Energy, digital twins are a reality today.

So – what in the world (or metaverse) is a digital twin? It’s a virtual representation that accurately mirrors a physical asset or system, providing insight into its performance.

Which is exactly what Hitachi Energy’s new digital twin solution, IdentiQ™ promises to deliver. Using advanced 3D visual technology and analytics, IdentiQ™ makes it simple for utilities operators to have real-time visibility over their power systems, changing the game for remote operations and maintenance.

The challenge

Utilities operators are risk-averse. How do you launch a revolutionary digital concept to a conservative audience, resistant to change?

Our solution

Make digital practical.

Our ambition was to build belief in the value of IdentiQ™ by showing how tangible insights can deliver real-world results. Our research helped us understand customer pain points and specific use cases for how IdentiQ™ can solve common operations and maintenance problems. We produced a suite of practical and interactive tools which best demonstrated IdentiQ™ in action in the real world.



Seeing is believing

With complete visibility over physical operations through a digital model, believing the practical benefits of IdentiQ™ was simple. Hitachi Energy’s customers were able to see, and experience, the results for themselves.

“Modern easy-to-use interface with access to real-time data”

– Site Manager, Finland


Step into clarity

In a space full of digital buzzwords and technical jargon, we kept it clear and simple.

“Agency Inc’s strategic approach was very sharp and they managed to make a somewhat complex offering easily comprehensible with the slogan and the key visual.”

– Simon Weiher, Head of Portfolio Management and Product Marketing, Grid Integration, Hitachi Energy


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We make the complicated simple