Agency Inc is the only B2B marketing agency that trains all account handlers to be strategic planners.

It’s an intensive process that requires newly appointed Senior Account Managers to go through 12 months of practical in-house training, in addition to completing external strategy courses given by the IPA and APG.

We’re delighted to announce that our first wave of Senior Account Managers have now completed the training programme, thereby earning the new title of Strategic Client Leads, to commence from October 1st.

Existing clients will testify to the fact that Agency Inc places a huge emphasis on the upfront process of building a solid strategic framework in response to every brief we receive. This requires us to interrogate the business context, and to gather insights to understand the motivations and needs of all those individuals within the target audience that form the decision-making and influencing units. Only by doing this, and by gaining the support and agreement on the strategic approach from all the client stakeholders involved, can we set a clear path and creative direction for everything else to follow.

We have to understand the complexity to be able to deliver simplicity.

Strategic Client Leads play a crucial role in directly supporting clients on a daily basis as the dedicated contact. The Agency Inc training programme is designed to further equip and empower them to add value at every stage, to help deliver the best possible returns to our clients from every marketing investment.

Congratulations to Lauren, Nisha and Ellie.