Change makers don’t just want to make a difference, they want to differentiate.

My recent visit to Intersolar shone a light on the importance of brand purpose. Without it, you risk becoming a me-too in a competitive, crowded market.

B2B companies increasingly embrace purpose as a driver of business growth. The companies that convey a purpose have a greater opportunity to maximise their commercial, social and environmental impact.

How? Because it delivers greater value to customers above and beyond product specs and price.

• The majority of B2B decision-makers are willing to pay more for a purpose-driven company’s products and services

• That’s because people prefer brands with a corporate purpose and values aligned to their own

• The link between purpose and brand image is clear. And B2B marketers are waking up to this, with the rise in brand investment. 69% believe that brand building is a key competitive advantage

Communicating with purpose is the foundation for differentiation. As we’ve said before, it’s what sets the real change makers apart from the rest.

Our renewables client FIMER needed to establish their position as a challenger brand in a commoditised market. Rather than showcase technology, we appealed to their installer audience. Like FIMER, solar installers want to challenge the status quo. Together with FIMER, their aligned purpose is to drive solar progress. With this, a new era in solar was born.

At Agency Inc, we’re here to challenge the change makers, to think and do things differently.

Are you ready for the challenge?

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