At Agency Inc, we’ve been thinking long and hard about what it means to be a business that does good. What it might mean to put our values in action. And honestly, there are no easy answers.

But since we’re all about making complicated things simple, we decided to take a more direct approach. In our case it was as simple as taking some of the office and getting down in the mud, together.

Number 8 – garden gate!

On a rainy day in early May, the entire Agency Inc office took the tube down to the Yalding Day Centre in Rotherhithe, for a day of planting, weeding, quizzing and getting way too into bingo.

It was a great day for lots of reasons – not only did we get to help Age UK Lewisham and Southwark provide a much-needed social hub for older people in Southwark, we also got to take some important out-of-office time.

41 – time for fun

Speaking of what’s important, here are some of the day’s highlights

  • Nikki (Strategy Partner) met and hit it off with Betty (Retired) – now they’re text buddies
  • Our Account Manager and allotment expert Fiona teaching us all what was – and wasn’t – a weed.
  • An absolute dedication to bingo from everyone involved – from the bingo ladies heckling our designer Tom’s number calling to introducing Lauren (a proud Kiwi) to British bingo slang
  • A truly wild trip to the garden centre – where a white van mysteriously appeared to transport us back.


What a day. It’s definitely something we’ll be doing again. And thanks to Hands On London, it’s never been simpler to be part of something good.