Biker Dreams




As part of our overall repositioning of the Bennetts brand as the specialist insurer who really understands bikers, we were asked to develop and promote a competition to draw prospects to the Bennetts web site.

This was an opportunity to directly engage with bikers, to start a dialogue and capture valuable prospect data. It also presented us with a chance to generate widespread PR for the brand – providing the competition prizes were entertaining and newsworthy enough.


All bikers have a bike-related dream or fantasy- whether it’s a special bike, a dream trip, or an opportunity to meet their biker heroes.


We launched Bennetts Biker Dreams, asking our target audience to share their dreams for the chance to win them. Awareness for the competition was generated through press ads and online via digital display banners and emails.

A microsite was designed and built to allow bikers to submit their dreams, which also allowed entrants to add photos or video content to their submissions.


The competition really caught the imagination of our biker audience resulting in just under 5,000 entries being registered online, far outstripping expectations.

15 lucky dreams were granted and funded in the first year, ranging from a couple from St.Ives who had saved for 10 years to ride on Route 66, to a biker from Manchester who visited 33 different ‘Manchesters’ across America over 36 days and 9,747 miles.

And the competition generated widespread PR across biker sites and magazines, blog sites and other social media channels, as well as national and local press – an impact which was extended over a 6 month period as the prizes were granted and fulfilled by the winners.