Summer School

Marlborough College

To revamp and relaunch the famous Marlborough College Summer School, which runs annually over a four-week period in July and August each year.

The Summer School offers a wide variety of courses stretching from Arts & Crafts to Sports classes, appealing to a target audience predominantly of a mature age group.


Marlborough College carries strong equity in their Summer School brand, with a reputation for quality that has developed over 40 years. Many customers have been incredibly loyal and are familiar with the brochure and its format. Therefore we were mindful of a target audience that was somewhat change-averse.


We’ve been fortunate to have nurtured and grown our relationship with Marlborough over the last 2 years. In year 1 we developed a new style and refreshed identity, which manifested across all printed literature, the main piece being the brochure featuring all 600+ courses. We had also delivered online and offline adverts and a direct mail piece.

In year 2 we were reappointed to handle all outbound communications, and have also been commissioned to develop their e-commerce website to handle all online bookings for courses. In addition to this, we’ve created a series of short films to showcase the breadth of courses on offer at Summer School.


“The results have been very much appreciated by both Marlborough College and our customers. All bodes well for the future.”
John Blake, Director of Marlborough College Enterprise Ltd