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After delivering several successful content projects for ACCO Brands, we were tasked with producing a film to highlight the advantages of choosing a Rexel or Swingline automated shredder over a shredding service company, such as cost savings and increased security. We wanted to portray a compelling reason for behaviour change among our primary audience of procurement professionals working for blue chip organisations across Europe and North America.


Service companies that collect paper from offices on a daily basis are perceived as being the most secure solution in certain sectors where client confidentiality is a primary concern.


We decided to address those perceptions head on, using animated text and graphics to highlight cost and security issues that can arise from using shred service companies. The film was shot on location in central London in a single day.


Two versions of the film were produced in the edit suite to cater for the UK and US markets, supporting the global sales and marketing effort online and offline, both directly and by a multitude of channel partners.

Mike Stranders, Global Director of Product Marketing at ACCO Brands, said “The film was extremely successful, even getting interest from the New York Yankees baseball team!”