They shred. And shred.

Acco Rexel


How do you convince small/medium office workers that they need a better shredder, when all they’re really concerned about is finding something cheap, that gets the job done?



The volume of SME’s are growing, and so are their business security needs. Shredding confidential documents is a huge requirement, so they need a shredder they can rely on, that does simply that – shreds, without delays and without breaking down.



The Rexel Promax is the shredder that SME’s need to meet their demands. It is affordable, but unlike its competitors, these machines are also work-horses, that just keep on shredding.

This major benefit was therefore the focus of the brand film, which communicates what this shredder does best. It shreds. And shreds. And shreds… you get the idea.